Medicare & Medical Billing Assessment Services

Are you trying to care for mom or dad and deal with their medical bills at the same time?  In a world of confusing medicare and medical rules, it is easy to be overwhelmed with tracking the influx of regular bills and statements.  When insurance companies make mistakes, the frustration can be extreme.  Senior Advocate Services can help you manage such insurance-based issues.  We will review and audit all billing statements and dispute incorrectly billed claim as well as simply help understand how to properly file claims with Medicare and other insurance companies.

  • Assist with the enrollment of Medicare
  • Review/audit Medicare & medical billing statements
  • Communicate review/audit results with designated family members
  • File medical claim appeals when necessary
  • Obtain authorizations to inquire on behalf of clients the their medical providers concerning a billing dispute
  • Review with clients the procedure for submitting medical claims for review in a timely manner