Senior Advocate Services of Connecticut

Senior Advocate Services of Connecticut’s mission is to advocate or individuals, families, parents, grandparents, and siblings in providing direction and assistance for life events.  We provide personalized service in all aspects of navigating the art of aging gracefully and with dignity.  Our premier services can help you and your family with

  • Navigating healthcare challenges
  • Locating the appropriate help so you or your loved one can stay at home
  • Assisting adult children who live in another state in caring for aging parents
  • Reviewing medical bills for accuracy
  • Work with Medicare & insurance carriers on billing issues
  • Vet & interview assisted living facilities if needed
  • Ease the concerns of all family members affected by late-life transitions

Senior Advocate Services

From management of home maintenance to coordination healthcare services, Senior Advocate Services of Connecticut takes the stress off of most areas of need in the senior years.

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What is an Advocate?

An advocate is a person who represents your best interests and ensures that your voice is heard on issues that are important to you.  Advocates are dedicated to working with you and on your behalf.  Your advocate should be committed to providing assistance and support in a personalize manner and in a way that makes you most comfortable – via face-to-face visits, phone calls, email, text and online video consultations.

We specialize in advocating for older adults and their families regarding the challenges that they face during the late-life transitions.  Find out if an advocate is the right choice for you and your family … contact us today for a complimentary consultation and discussion.