Senior Advocate Services

Nearly 18 million senior adults need assistance of some level but are unsure of where to turn.  Of these 18 million seniors, approximately 11 million rely on help from a family member.  This situation is often difficult for the family member due to time constraints and busy schedules.

Senior Advocate Services of Connecticut steps in to take this burden off the shoulders of both the senior adult and the family member.   We are able to help with a large variety of tasks including person to legal and financial including:

  • Provide coordination and oversight of home maintenance services
  • Provide nursing & home consultative services
  • Provide Medicare consultation
  • Explain visiting nurse and home care options
  • Communicate with designated individuals
  • Communicate with legal counsel

When Would Senior Advocacy Services Be Appropriate?

  • Convincing parents that they need a home care provider
  • Assisting with the procurement and oversight of a home maintenance services
  • Evaluating a visiting nurse agency (VNA) when services are required
  • Mediating between you and your siblings when you have a parent in failing health and are unable to agree
  • Explaining VNA services, Medicare coverage, assisted living, skilled nursing home care, home health care, hospice and hospice facilities
  • Assisting in the coordination of care when you do not live close enough to do so
  • Monitor medical billing statements to ensure they are accurate before payment is rendered
  • Explaining medicare, medicare supplemental and plan D insurance coverages
  • Remote communication with adult children or designated family member so they understand what is occurring with their parents